Get paid by endorsing trendy content

Earn by endorsing the content you like


Make money from old videos

Send your archived videos to any brand. Simply choose a previously recorded video and tag a relevant brand. You can tag active brands on Globlee or any other brands on the net by entering their websites.

Become a face of a brand

Record videos and share them with your friends and brands. The more people see them, the more money you make. Your royalty is about 10% from the cost of distribution.


Earn on video replies (NEW)

Make money by recording video replies in your Globlee feed

Earn by tagging businesses you visit (HOT)

Record videos from any place you visit: stores, bars, malls, etc. Tag those brands and tell the managers that now they can use your videos for their marketing purposes for free. They can sponsor just the distribution of your video to your friends with their logo and links to their site. Help them by forwarding the email you receive to the brand managers with your video and the instruction on how to use Globlee.

Help businesses manage their marketing (PRO)

Globlee is a revolution in business development. Offer brands to manage their marketing. Many small and mid-size businesses are interested in saving money on marketing, attracting new customers and earning more by selling their products and services.

You can run Globlee on your laptop or a tablet. Go to the tab – “Get Started” and start running marketing for others.

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Help others (EDU)

Globlee is the first platform that offers “hands on” education and job opportunities of your choice. Earn from sharing your Globlee experience with others by becoming their mentor. Help them learn how to work for brands, how to work with brands and how to becoming a brand.

Become a brand (TREND)

Globlee helps you become a brand, using the best medium of all - “Video Word of Mouth.” Use your skills to entice your audience to promote you or your company to their friends and beyond. With Globlee, each click is equal the size of one’s network of friends. Therefore, you are growing hundreds of times faster. 

You are no longer needed at the office when you have a smart phone and a desire for creativity


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