How to get started

Get Started

CloudPort media – marketing streams

Create a desired blend between brand’s promo materials (outStream) and UGC (inStream)

Utilize the best marketing strategy – “video word of mouth” to reach your marketing goals



CloudPort management tools

CloudPort: collects, brands, distributes, copies and analyzes media content attributed to brands

Get familiar with easy-to-use management options

CloudPort billing

First we bring you UGC then you choose the scope of your marketing campaign

Simply connect your card to start documenting each campaign as an individual transaction

Or just set a “do not exceed” balance, if additional record keeping is not necessary

CloudPort “live” targeting

Target people by location, age, number of friends and social networks

Use “live” targeting to brand people’s interests at every given moment of the day

You can also choose the desired speed of distribution for your marketing campaigns

CloudPort analytics

Study analytics to optimize your marketing to get more people to promote your brand

Use UGC as “Big Data” helping you with business development

Launch your Cloudport now